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Prunes are the dried version of the plums from the European variety of plums.They are marketed as dried Health Benefits Of Prunes (Dried Plums) plums or raisins to make them more appealing. Lots of natural stuff is available in the market which can offer good health benefits but most of the times we are a bit ignorant about them. Learning about the health benefits offered by the prunes made me run to the market to see if any good brands are available here in India, but I was disappointed as I didn’t find any. All I could see were raisins. Prunes can be mistaken for raisins as black raising and prunes can look a lot similar. Raisins are dried grape and have a high sugar content than prunes.

Health Benefits Of Prunes (Dried Plums)Prunes are high in fibre and also has a low calorific content. They also have a high potassium and iron content which helps to prevent blood pressure and anemia. The potassium levels also help to lower the blood pressure.

Prunes have also been found to slow down the ageing process, improve blood circulation, prevent and cure sore throats and even prevent cancers. They contain beta-carotene which acts as an antioxidant.

Prunes have zero fat and are relatively low in calories. They can be well utilized in a low-calorie diet plan.Health Benefits Of Prunes (Dried Plums) Always carry a small container filled with prunes in your bag whether you are going to office or on a long drive and whenever you get those hunger pangs in between meals have a handful of prunes. This will keep your hunger at bay because of its high fibre content.

Prunes are also one of the best cures for constipation as they contain fibre, diphenyl isatin (laxative) and also has some nutrients which make them natural stool softeners. But not more than half a cup is to be had a time as they also contain sorbitol which is a carbohydrate that is not absorbed well by our body and can cause diarrhea.

The health benefits offered by prunes are tremendous and they should be made an integral part of our diet and weight loss plans. They go really well with many food preparations like cakes and fruit-salads and can also be had with cereals in the breakfast. You can also have a handful of them just before hitting the gym or for a jog in the park and you will be provided with energy as they are an excellent source of natural sugar.

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