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Amla Murabba benefits

Amla Murabba benefits

5 Health benefits of Amla Murabba Online

Heart Disease

Amalaki is beneficial in heart attack, fast heartbeat and high blood pressure.


If you have headache or migraine then take 1 amla murabba everyday with empty stomach.

Weak Eyesight

To improve eye vision. soak amalai powder in water for
whole night. next morning filter this water and wash your eyes with this water.

Hair Care

It helps to maintain the natural sheen of the hair, it intensify the hair from the root.

Nervous System

Amla murabba makes your immune system and nervous system stronger

Other benefits of Amla Murabba

Regular intake of AmlaMurabba provides the dose of vitamins to hair roots. It treats premature graying and keeps the hair shiny.

It creates a protective shield around the body to prevent it from sun’s stroke and harmful UV rays.

Amla murabba treats stress and cures insomnia.

It is powerful anti oxidant that protects the body against free radicals and thus helps one keep cancer at bay.

It energizes and rejuvenates one’s body.

Amla murabba supplies the body with essential nutrients, phyto-nutrients, vitamins to aid weight loss.

It helps to treat piles.

Amla murabba is good for liver health. It protects the liver from liver toxin.

How to use Amla Murabba

Amla murabba is tonic for brain, heart, liver, digestive and reproductive system. Amla murabba can be taken in dose of 15-20 grams (1-2 pieces).

What is the best time to eat amla ka murabba?

You can eat daily it before breakfast with a glass of milk or two times a day after meals.

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